The bake house at Dairy Flat Farm is another one of those 'dare to dream’ projects that continually peppers the ongoing journey of the Wolf-Tasker family.


Driving this one is the desire to fly in the face of industrialised bread production and to support the growers and millers of small local grain economies. In the process, the local community has gained added access to good bread. The mission to supply guests with not only the best, but also with a product whose provenance is always known continues.

At Dairy Flat we focus on slow fermented sourdough baguettes and loaves as well as associated viennoiserie

The bake house is open to guests staying at Dairy Flat.

Retail Sales
The daily bake including a variety of slow-fermented sourdough loaves, baguettes, fruit Danish, croissants, donuts, and more are delivered each morning to Wombat Hill House Café in the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Daylesford.