An ever evolving sustainable growing facility. This is so much more than a kitchen garden…

On an easterly facing slope of 38 lush acres of magnificent red volcanic soil, lies Dairy Flat Farm a sustainable growing facility dedicated to regenerative agricultural practices. It consists of 5 acres of productive vegetable, herb and cut flower gardens, 3 hoop houses, a large barn, a 300 tree orchard, 250 tree olive grove, bee hives and 5 acre vineyard planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The Farm inspires and provides much that is on the menus, beverage selections and floristry at Lake House Daylesford, the Wolf-Tasker’s flagship hotel, restaurant & spa.

The olive grove consistently yields a beautifully aromatic EVO from an annual harvest of 5 olive varieties. The opportunity to work with rarer plants and vegetables and to truly reflect the seasons, adds to the experience we are able to provide for you our guests and also to the ongoing enrichment of our team.

"Humanity has much to learn from the humble bee. They are intuitive , industrious, wise and dedicated. They work in harmony with one another, as a community, to create something very special. We ensure that our plantings favour the beautiful pollinators at Dairy Flat Farm. Just like them, when we work together in harmony and with the rhythms of nature, we foster a joyful productive workplace and deliver great experiences. Individually we are strong, capable and creative, but together we are unstoppable. "

Alla Wolf-Tasker AM